Good ground development Center

Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health Services

Core Program

Good Ground Development Center provides child and adolescent CORE services to youth in need of less intensive mental/behavioral health care. When determining the service needed, the identified youth is assessed by a licensed professional in order to properly address the youth’s needs.

Services include: community support individual, individual counseling, family counseling/training, group counseling, crisis intervention, psychiatric treatment, medication management, psychological testing, and more.

Community Support - service is provided to youth in order to promote stability and build towards age-appropriate functioning in their daily environment (i.e.; introduction to coping skills and strategies, reinforcing skills, to help prevent crisis situations, etc.)

Individual Counseling – Services directed toward the support of a child who is experiencing an abrupt and substantial change in behavior which is usually associated with a precipitating situation and which is in the direction of severe impairment of functioning or a marked increase in personal distress.

Family Counseling/Training - Family counseling provides organized interactions between the identified individual consumer (child), staff and the individual's family members directed toward the restoration, development, enhancement or maintenance of functioning of the identified consumer/family unit. This may include specific clinical interventions/activities to enhance family roles; relationships, communication and functioning that promote the resiliency of the individual/family unit.

Group Counseling - Services may address goals/issues such as promoting development, enhancement or maintenance of healthy coping, behavioral, and interpersonal skills. Youth participating in group counseling sessions must have a primary emotional disturbance/substance-related disorder diagnosis.

Crisis Intervention - Crisis Intervention is designed to prevent out of home placement or hospitalization. Often, a crisis exists at such time as a child and/or his or her family/responsible caregiver(s) decide to seek help and/or the individual, family/responsible caregiver(s), or practitioner identifies the situation as a crisis. Crisis services are time-limited and present-focused in order to address the immediate crisis and develop appropriate links to alternate services. Services may involve the youth and his/her family/responsible caregiver(s) and/or significant other, as well as other service providers.

Other services provided:

  • Service Plan Development / Treatment Planning
  • Behavioral Health Assessment
  • Nursing Assessment and Health Services
  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Psychiatric Treatment
  • Medication Management
  • Psychological Testing
  • Trauma Assessment